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Car Wash

We are proud to announce "Satori's Star Wash"

Star Wash, located right next to Satori's Auto Service, is a touchless car wash, and utilizes completely new-state-of-the-art equipment which results in an incredibly clean car. Being a touchless wash, you don't have to be afraid of any harsh cloth or materials that can scuff and mar your paint. Star wash also features Manitowoc's only rocker and undercar blasters to remove all the salt and brine that stick to the sides of your car. We are also the only wash in Manitowoc that uses 4 large blowers to ensure your vehicle is the as dry as possible so it doesn't get frozen in the winter.

We will continue to offer our professional detailing services to those who prefer it, but starting in December you can now have a clean car without driving to the other side of town.

Our wash services include

Blast Off $7